Tamworth Kokikai Aikido

Grow physically and mentally.
Learn how to defend yourself and others.
Do no harm.

Aikido is a defensive martial art based on skill, not strength.
We aim to control our opponents without injuring them.

Adults classes

Classes consist of a warmup, rolling practice then training of techniques chosen by the teacher.

  • Techniques are practised in pairs or small groups. 
  • Students take turns attacking and defending.
  • Safety comes first. Injuries occur very rarely.
How to get started

Class information

The dojo is located at 76 Robert St, Tamworth (next to Magic Noodle).

Classes for adults are held on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Annual registration costs $90. At this time classes and gradings are free.


20 years of experience

Sensei Alex being thrown being Sensei Allen (UNSW)

Sensei Alex

Sensei Alex first started learning Kokikai Aikido in Sydney. He trained at the Macquarie University, UNSW, Avalon and Rockdale dojos.

While studying in Melbourne he trained at the Caulfield dojo. And while travelling he trained at dojos in Brisbane, New York City, Philadelphia and Nagoya.

Sensei Alex has been in Tamworth for six years. He works as a maths teacher at Peel High School where he also coaches basketball. He somehow also finds time to play basketball and train in Crossfit with Snake Athletic.

Applying to train


Only students who meet the following criteria are given permission to train at the Tamworth dojo.

  • Have a commitment to train as frequently as possible
  • Consent to follow instructions of the teacher
  • Be willing to always train hard with a positive attitude
  • Agree to always prioritise safety

Students wishing to join the dojo must first observe a class. Email tamworthkokikai@gmail.com to find out precise class times.