Equality in Training

Hierarchy in a Kokikai dojo is based on rank, with no distinctions made on the basis of gender. If we keep the benefits of aikido training in mind, we can see that men and women should be able to train together on an equal basis. At the Tamworth Dojo, we have a strict policy of gender equality. Male and female students receive equal attention from instructors and are expected to train equally hard.

Students are expected to behave in a way that is respectful and compassionate to all other members of the dojo.


The mats are a place for everyone to feel comfortable. For this reason, clothes should be changed either in a changing room or in the rest room.
The only exceptions are uwagi (uniform jackets) when worn over a T-shirt, and hakama when worn over uniform trousers. Men are not to bare their torsos in the dojo.


Please consider the effect your words or jokes might have on all other members of the dojo community, remembering that victims of assault and abuse often undertake training to help them overcome their past. If you are unsure whether a joke or comment will offend, save it for beers on the weekend.
It should go without saying that offensive references to members of the opposite sex will not be tolerated.